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Knowing the Meaning of Life…

…Or Just the Act of Living Itself

There is only one meaning of life, the act of living itself. — Erich Fromm

Perhaps I spend too much time looking for the meaning of life as if it were a formula that would grant me wisdom and power and happiness. Maybe there isn’t a simple meaning to life, or just one meaning for everyone.

I’ve always felt though that there must be an answer, a single answer to all my problems. A magic formula perhaps that would cure me instantly and set me free. How I wanted someone to come and give me that formula!

But if there were a single answer, then life would be the same for everyone, wouldn’t it? And how boring that would be. What I learn through the personal growth that I’m doing is that life takes on meaning for each one of us only through our own actions and process of living — and that’s what makes our lives unique and adventurous.

When You Find it Difficult to Find the Words

My first attempt at blogging began in 2005 on what was then Yahoo’s “360” page; Yahoo’s attempt at developing an option to MySpace.  I wasn’t sure at first what I’d write about.  I considered the process of blogging as similar to the process of my daily journal entries I make (written as though no one will read my entries but me); blogging is written with the understanding that the entire world has access to read.  My awkward attempts began with simple posts that included personal information I felt someone could relate to or may find interesting.

I soon realized that people reading my blogs were hungry for more blogs specific to crystal meth, spirituality, gay relationships, relationships affected by severe mental illness (SMI) such as  paranoid schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder and narcissistic personality disorder, domestic violence in gay relationships and anything addressing the sharing of experiences along one’s path of personal growth.

I love writing and have made some very good efforts at expanding my writing style, to include short stories for children as well as poetry.  The feedback I receive from readers is always welcome and often acknowledges my painstaking efforts to share with rigorous honesty.

Some days, I can’t seem to connect with any one topic at all, and the words I search for to describe my feelings aren’t there.  I may be tired, depressed, anxious, worried or any other emotion that blocks my ability to write.  Unable to write, I found myself getting lost in my other world of digital art, photography and photo editing. The first time I experienced “writer’s block” I resorted to posting an image I had found which conveyed a message and required nothing more from me. That first image was the one in this blog today.  As I read the words in the image above, I slowly began to relate to them in my own feelings.

If you are a committed blogger like me, give yourself permission to be easy on yourself some days.  Post a picture or image that you feel may share a story with your readers.  It’s OK to take the easier route some days!