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Embracing the New ~ Imbolc


“An old error is always more popular than a new truth.” — German Proverb

The Wiccan celebration and ritual for Imbolc is fast approaching February 2nd. Imbolc brings the end of winter and of course a time of great change toward spring. Spring, even here in the desert southwest means new, rebirth, regeneration. I find that I often feel uncomfortable with the new because it causes me to reach out and expand my vision.  This may be painful and I don’t like the pain that comes with change.

My life at times is cozy and gives me a curious kind of comfort and reassurance.  When lonely or anxious or hopeless, I have at times turned toward unhealthy behaviors.  I am used to it and don’t need to do much to keep on going in the same old way.

Suddenly, I have seen the error of my ways.  Discovery, disgrace, legal issues, isolation, despair, the loss of a partner, the contempt of friends – all possible consequences of that cozy, complacent turn to my old behavior.  Yes, I may have awakened one day to find that my old behavior ruined my life!  This awareness has caused me to begin reaching out for the hard process of change.

Making difficult change is painful, but that pain is preferable to the agony caused by the inevitable outcome of unhealthy behaviors.

Judgment Day


“I shall tell you a great secret, my friend.  Do not wait for the last judgment, it takes place every day.”  — Albert Camus

It is easy to hope that at some time in the future we may redeem ourselves by some great act of heroism or undergo a dramatic conversion of sorts.  But in the meantime, all too often, it’s business as usual.  Too easily we can become used to our unhealthy behaviors, denying that our acting-out has harmed anyone… except ourselves and those we love and who love and trust us.  Deep down we knew we were judging ourselves and being judged.  Now, each day, we can assess our actions and evaluate our behavior.  In this way, we learn how our behavior has affected every part of our lives and our relationships.

It is time to change.  The longer we wait, the more ingrained are our habits and ways of perceiving and deceiving.  If we live a lie, we will be judged accordingly, by ourselves and those close to us.  We can change and grow and move ahead into the openness and fullness of each new day.