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Opinions, Feedback, Comments and Judgments


“Treat a work of art like a prince; let it speak to you first.” — Arthur Schopenhauer

There have been many times when I felt that I always had to have and offer an opinion about everything right away. After a movie or a concert, such as, I often wanted to step right in with my comments and judgments. I would just “shoot from the hip”, without thinking or being attentive to my feelings, or the feelings of others.

This can be a way of warding off the experience, enclosing it within certain words. I’m quite certain that all of us have feared that we might be caught off guard and compelled to change or expand our own ideas. We feared being too vulnerable!

Images, sounds, poems, and plays can cause us to open ourselves to the unfamiliar and the new, and if we are quiet and attentive, we can come to fresh insights and understandings. And so it is too, with people. If we are patient and willing to listen, we will always be learning and growing through contact with others.

The beauty and joy of life dwell within differences. I am learning to be open and attentive to what has not been part of my existence up to now, so that it may come to color and enhance my life.

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All Conflict Ending in Love?


I receive these daily inspirations from Alan Cohen, and sometimes, I use them as my “blast” on my Yahoo 360 page (a blast is a message to all who visit one’s 360 page which is Yahoo’s MySpace type environment).

Today’s message, “All conflict ends in Love”, really has me thinking in overdrive. I’ve had a lot of conflict lately in my life. I know in the conflict that I have had with my partner, Christopher, it hasn’t ended in love, the love was always there; sort of the under girding of the relationship.

But what about the conflict I’m in now with say, my sister, her partner, and my ex-partner? It’s hard to pull myself out of the situation far enough to see it ending in love. I have so many questions of Wayne Dyer right now. Does he mean love between those in conflict? Or does the Universe perhaps bring in some new person, thing, and animal – whatever to love?

I’ll be blogging more about this statement again. I have much of Wayne Dyer’s material; books, tapes, CD’s and DVD’s. I’m presently studying “There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem”. I’m learning a lot, now it’s the application part that I have to integrate into Life.

So what do you think Wayne Dyer means? I’d really appreciate the feedback from my readers.