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Respect Whatever Life Brings Us

What we don’t know supports what we do know.”   — Bill Moyers

One way we show respect for ourselves and others is by respecting whatever life brings us.  What prevented that in the past was our preoccupation with everything that prevented us from having our own way.  Now, we live lives on a different rhythm: one of letting go.  It is that rhythm to which we must pay attention.

At times letting go feels like doing nothing, and doing nothing feels like standing still.  But letting go is not the same as standing still.  It is active, not passive.  Letting go focuses our attention on life in the present, living it fully, moment by moment, and not in a fantasy future that seems to promise the outcome we crave. 

It has been said that the light of God’s love is so bright that it seems as darkness to us.  When we feel we’re living in darkness, we may be living in the all-encompassing light of God’s love.and compassion for our struggle.  We can trust the daily evidence of that love and know we are safe. 


Reading Between the Lines



I’m walking down the line
that divides me somewhere in my mind
on the border line of the edge
and where I walk alone

Read between the lines what’s
fucked up and every things all right
Check my vital signs to know I’m still alive
And I walk alone

Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams Lyrics

Too often, I find that I am superstitious and interpret signs that appear in life in negative or hostile ways.  Because I don’t believe in myself, it is then that I tend to think that fate is against me.

But life isn’t for or against any of us.  If we are attentive, we will see many signs of promise during each day; signs of promise, signs of goodness, and signs of beauty.  If we trust ourselves and the Universe, we will know how to interpret the world and use it to do good things.

Sometimes, we may be unsure of our next step or even our general direction in life.  If we are patient and alert to the world around us, we will pick up on the many hints and clues that will help us on our way – a telephone call from a friend, a warm hug, a chance encounter, a job offer, a word of advice from a special loved one.  When we are ready, we’ll know how to respond and what to do.

One thing we can learn to be sure of: in this world of signs, we are not alone.  We don’t want to believe in a hostile fate, do we?  The world is good and we can find our way in it by being patient and learning to read the signs.

The handwriting on the wall may be a forgery.  — Ralph Hodgson

Better To Bend Than Break



There’s an old fable about the competition between the reed and the oak during a gale storm.  As the wind howled, the oak boasted, while the reed said nothing.  The wind became a tempest, and the reed bent down flexibly to the ground.  The oak fell, uprooted.


On the bank of a river grew a tall Oak Tree.
It stood with its roots firm in the ground,
and its head high in the air, and said to itself:

“How strong I am! Nothing shall make
me bow. I look down upon all the other trees.”

But one day there was a storm. The terri-
ble unseen wind came and struck the proud
Oak. Crash! went the trunk, down came all
the beautiful branches, and the Tree fell into
the river. As the water carried it away, it
passed by a Reed that grew on the bank.
The little Reed stood up tall and slender, and
looked at the poor broken Tree.

“O Reed,” said the Tree, “how did it happen
that you were not broken down and spoiled
when the wind came? You are so little and
weak, and I was so strong and proud.”

“Ah! poor Tree,” said the Reed, “that is
just the reason that the wind did not hurt me.
I bent low until it had gone by, but you stood
stiff, and tried to stop it on its way. No one
can stop the wind. It must go where it is sent,
but it will not hurt those who are not proud
and stubborn.”

It is better to yield – bend when logic demands it, or break [be destroyed] by pride.

Sometimes we seem strong but we are just being stubborn.  We become rigid in our moral positions and don’t even try to understand the problems of those around us.  We like to be thought of as uncompromising and tough.

Maybe we’re frightened.  Perhaps we fear that if we even start to compromise we will be lost; on sign of weakness and the dam will burst and we’ll be up to our old tricks again.

Don’t confuse rigidity with true strength.  To be strong we need to be tolerant, responsive, and gentle.  We need to be strong in a loving, flexible, human way.  This is a central part of one’s personal growth.

Come to Me (Peace) By Mary J. Blige from her “Growing Pains” Album

I have been wanting to share this track from Mary J. Blige’s “Growing Pains” CD.  By far my favorite song (this week, OK – this month!).  Following are the lyrics, which got me hooked first, then listen to the song.  Enjoy!

Come to Me (Peace)

That was love
That was then
That was us, miracles
I changed you
You changed me
This is how these things go
I was broke
And you were scared
But you stayed by my side, yea

I was yours
You were mine
It seemed we’d last forever, oh yea
I’d be the one you need
You would be the one I marry
And I’m just trying to invite my way back in your heart
And I’m telling you to…

Come to me
I’ll restore freedom
I’ll carve away the worries in your heart

Your heart is missed
I’m a mess, what happened to second chance
This is now, this is how easy things can get out of hand
We were cold, and we were slow then, now we end faster than light, than light

And I’m not ashamed cause my love ain’t changed
I’m prepared to beg you back the whole way
Bring me your arms, I’ll bring mine too
And we will heal, mend, me and you, telling you…

Come to me
I’ll restore freedom
I’ll carve away the worries in your heart
I’m telling you to…

Come to me
I’ll restore freedom
I’ll carve away the worries in your heart
And I’m here to make peace, peace, peace
I’m here to make peace, peace, peace
I’m here to make peace, peace, peace
I’m here to make peace, between u and I

Through my doors, and take my hand
Replace our love beyond this land
This is just too much to give away
I love you baby, so why don’t you stay

Let the air of your voice dry my tears
Let “I love you”, fall on my ears
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you
I want you to just…

Come to me
I’ll restore freedom
I’ll carve away your worries in your heart
And I’ll be here to make peace
I’m here to make peace peace peace
I’m here to make peace peace peace
I’m here to make peace peace peace between you and I

Wanna make peace with you baby
I don’t wanna fight, I just wanna do everything right
Show me how to make peace with you
I do wanna make peace with you