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Delight in Knowledge, Explore, Persevere and Stumble Upon Wisdom



“”A poet begins in delight and ends in wisdom.”  —  Robert Frost


Artists deepen our sense of wonder because they have retained the ability to see life with a delighted eye.  They know that nothing is too particular or minute to take pleasure in if we give ourselves time to pause and look.  The world is infinite in its variety and beauty.

If we find ourselves, for whatever reason, seeing life with a vision or blinder, we are then unable to relax and open ourselves to the new when we are so uptight and bent on our own pleasure.  We are left impoverished.

We can learn, baby-step-by-baby-step, day by day, to slow down and really look at the world around us. We may find ourselves noticing the obvious things that we used to miss. This can lead to sheer delight when we notice that things can be so different, so particular  in their shape, color, meaning and impact.  Delight can turn into knowledge as we explore further; then, if we persevere, we may stumble onto wisdom.