About Me ~ My Profile

About Mark

Sex: Male

Birthday: 5/26

Zodiac: Gemini

Home town: Milwaukee, WI

Current city: Phoenix, AZ

Relationship status: Single

Political views: DNC

Religious views: Unitarian Universalist, Spiritual, Non Christian, Pagan, Wiccan

Bio: Born in 1961, I am a single gay male. I love to write. In addition to my blog here on WordPress, I write short stories for children, and poetry.  I prepare resumes and edit Master’s Thesis and PhD Dissertations. Since this is all about honesty for me, I’m gay,HIV+ and am in full-blown AIDS. I love to blog.

I have two furry companions: Punky a nine-year old Wire Haired Miniature Dachshund, and Dexter a 14-year-old Miniature Dachshund/Pappillon mix.

Favorite quote: “What you think about expands.” — Alan Cohen

General Interests I Enjoy:




Broadway Musicals


Electronic(a)& Dance

Pipe Organ


Hip Hop

Favorite performers are

Amy Winehouse

CeCe Winans



Grace Jones

Macy Gray



Christina Aguilera



Kirk Franklin



Adam Lambert




Ton Koopman

Movies I Like


Moulin Rouge

Final Destination

One in a Billion


Polar Express



Brokeback Mountain

Out of Africa

Books I Like

Signals by Joel Rothschild

Charlotte’s Web

The Front Runner by Patricia Nell Warren

Seven Stories of Christmas Love by Buscaglia

The Davinci Code

Brighty of the Grand Canyon

Voyager and Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon

Author: Jean M. Auel

Author: James Patterson

TV Shows I Like

The Today Show


Minute to Win it

Days of Our Lives

The Biggest Loser

The Office

30 Rock


Law and Order


Arizona Highways

HGTV’s Design Star

Designed to Sell

Curb Appeal

Property Virgins

House Hunters

Divine Design with Candice Olson

Color Splash with David Bromstad

  1. the um…the post that included a picture of the young man with his back in the picture, white shirt; “shame is the motor behind compulsive behavior.” I’m sitting here in my office, dumb struck by this. “it changed my life dude.”

    Tony Robbins is always pushing the “to change your behavior, you have to change your beliefs.” So beliefs drive behavior, and shame drives compulsion. Easy enough to understand. I’m suggesting “relatibility, knowing somebody else feels the same damn shit that you do” lessens the grip my negative self esteem has on my behavior. Even my countenance.

    Thank you sir, I hope we meet one day. My best to you.
    Mat Clark

  2. I am older than you
    I am sitting overseas
    i do not share your world as you present it
    My world i different but is it too different?

    No HIV here
    But life is a short thing

    I googled “intellectual” because I am of that sort
    and gay because the girls thinks about other things
    and I found you

    )I start with a question:
    do you have questions?
    If yes tell me one,
    one of importance,
    if not forget me.

    Have a good day.

    J over in France just now.

  3. Hi. I have stopped by your blog a few times and figured this was the best place to leave a comment. I must say, “Thank You” for your blog. I find your entries informative and hopeful, as well as, well written. Look forward to reading more.

    • lifejouney,

      I am happy to share my experiences and am thankful for all that I gain from readers such as yourself! My weblog, like me, is a work in progress. Keep reading and sharing!


  4. Hello Steve!

    Thank you for visiting my blog site on wordpress.com and for leaving your comment as well!

    I am pleased to meet another individual who shares my passion for the pipe organ and its music. I consider my ability to play a gift and I cherish it. It’s difficult finding a church here in Phoenix that will let me come in and play for a while, but I’m anticipating a move back to my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin this spring. There, I have a dear friend and minister of First Unitarian Universalist church. He’ll let me play any time! Until then, like you, I’ll work within my limits as well. Presently, I’m trying to perfect my performance of Holy, Holy, Holy. I love pulling out all the stops, paying no mind to the neighbors and play so hard I can feel the music through my entire body.

    Now, for those Chirichaua’s. First of all, you spelled the name perfectly! The Chirichaua’s happen to be one of my most favorite camping and hiking spots in Arizona. As you know, it is an area that is unique in many ways. The topography of the area makes me feel as though I have left completely the planet earth. Never could I have imagined rock formations to look the way they do here on our planet. Secondly, there are many forms of animal life indigenous to that area only; seen nowhere else in Arizona. The Mexican Bluebird is the first that comes to my mind. I’ve taken many incredible photos of the Mexican Bluebird during my visits there. I’ll have to scan a few and post them. Finally, don’t you just love the way the mountain range looks as though it were Geronimo himself lying there on his back? I highly recommend anyone coming to Arizona to check this treasure land out for themselves. There are many Arizonans who have no idea of all the beauty available to them, just a few hours drive away.

    Again Steve, thank you for taking the time to comment. I enjoyed hearing from you and hope you’ll visit my page again soon.

    Best personal regards,

  5. I share your love of the pipe organ and feel that its an ongoing…lifelong (and after?) fascination to be enjoyed forever! One of the magical things in life. Its hard work and frustration at times to keep practicing…Like you, I long for a little bit better instrument. I have an old Hammond CV ancestor to the B3. 25 note pedalboard…has its limits…work within them.

    By the way..do ya’ll ever go to the Chirichaua (sp) Mts? I used to live in Silve City NM and had the opportunity to visit those beautiful mts.

    Take care and keep practicing/enjoying life/music art!

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