Get to Know Mark

All About Me ~ Part I: The Basics

Date of Birth: 05/26/1961

Profession: Writer

Height: 5’7 “

Weight: 115#

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Green

Distinguishing marks: Birthmark shaped like the United States on my right upper thigh; tribal tattoo on my back, between my shoulders, tattoo of a phoenix bird on my right upper arm

Allergies: Seasonal, Hay fever, Asthma


A color I like to wear: Orange

Regardless of size or circumstance, an animal I would like to own as a pet would be a Llama

A flower I would like to grow in my garden: Gerbera Daisy

My lucky number: 34

A smell that makes me pause: Roses

A taste that makes me melt: Cottage Cheese with Italian Dressing

A hobby that occupies my time: Thrift stores,digital photography, writing, art collecting

A sport I enjoy watching: Tennis, especially Wimbledon

A sport I enjoy playing: Darts

A city I like to visit: Paris, Fr

A country I like to explore: France (Have been there many times, but wish to return)

My favorite meal: Spaghetti, salad and garlic bread

A drink I often order: Iced Tea

A delicious dessert: Grasshopper Pie

A game I like to play: Dominoes (My former partner’s mother, Dorothy, used to call them “Bones”

A book I strongly recommend: “The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” – Alan Cohen

An author that has affected me: Alan Cohen

The magazine I read most often: Arizona Highways

The newspaper I prefer to read on Sundays: Arizona Republic

Music I love to listen to when I am alone: Baroque, classical pipe organ music

The singer or band I listen to most: Adele

The film I could watch over and over: Any Tyler Perry Film

A director I admire: Tyler Perry

An actress whose performances I admire: Nicole Kidman

An actor whose performance I admire: Robert De Niro

A TV show I watch regularly: House Hunters International

An artist whose work I highly respect: Scottsdale artist Brian Boner

A piece of clothing I love to wear: My yellow sweater from Banana Republic

A monument I would like to have a view of from my bedroom: Washington Monument

My favorite time of the day: 5:00 pm

My Favorite place to sit at home: My wingback chair from Scott and Mary in my living room

What I would most like to do on Sunday: read the Sunday paper and have a lazy day at home

My mottos: “What you think about expands” “It is what it is” “What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong”

All About Me ~ Part II: The Fruits of My Labor

The Fruits of my Labor are best described as those people, accomplishments or things I am most proud of which are a result of the love I have invested in them

My Family: Nathaniel David Espinoza – My Foster Son (Now Grown)

My Pets: My Miniature Dachshund, Punky and my Miniature Dachshund/Papillion mix, Dexter

I live in: A two bedroom, two bath apartment in a complex called “The Huntington” in north central Phoenix, Arizona. My lease is up in March, 2011 and I’m eager to move

I have: No vehicle

I receive: SSI-DI, in addition to commissions earned when I owned EBR

I always thought I would be: In a better financial position than I am now

My favorite watch: My Cerentino Diamond watch

My favorite cologne: Cool Water

Something important on my desk: My Asus Netbook

On my walls hang: All of my wonderful paintings I have collected over the years

Under my bed or in my closet I hide: Something of Scott’s

Something important on my night table: My glasses

When I sleep I wear: PJ bottoms

If I had a safe I would keep: Gold and silver

Things I like to buy: China, dishes, vintage clothing, 1950’s collectibles, art, household accessories

If I could afford it at this moment, I would buy: A house

I collect: Collectibles from the 1950’s and 60’s, china, artwork especially impressionist oils

I don’t have a lot of: Savings or income

My strangest possession: The cast from when I broke my arm when I was three years old

My most expensive possession: The two small oils on canvas of the Arizona desert, signed, JD

My prized possession: My 1961 Pom Aluminum Christmas tree and its ornaments

Material possessions are: Still quite important to me as each holds a special memory

If my home was burning and I only had time to rescue three things they would be: My roommate Chad and my two dogs

All About Me ~ Part III: Morals

Something forbidden I have done that might even surprise my closest friends: Used Crystal Meth by shooting it into my vein

People should not marry before the age of: 30

People should not have children before the age of: 35

The proper age for having sex is: 14 to 16

The first time I had sex was at the age of: 14

My most recent lie: That I am sober

When I’m late for an appointment and it’s my fault, I: Tell the truth.

A lie that I tell myself: That friends I have are better than they are

Something I have stolen that was not worth the risk: I haven’t stolen anything since I stole a lighter from Treasure Island Department Store when I was 12

One person I have killed in my thoughts: My Aunt Beverly

One person I might kill if I knew the law would protect me: Robert

One thing in this world I am addicted to: Crystal Meth

A drug or alcoholic beverage I take on a regular basis: No drugs other than Crystal Meth; No alcohol except an occasional glass of wine

If there were no side effects I would enjoy being addicted to: Crystal Meth

Drugs I have tried in the past: GHB, Marijuana, Amyl Nitrate (poppers), Crack, and Blotter

A drug I would never try: Heroin

A drug I will never try again: Crack

I believe that hitting is: NOT a proper form of discipline for a child, nor is it a proper expression of anger as adults, toward adults

As an adult, I have hit a woman. Why? Out of frustration

As an adult, I have hit a man. Why? Self defense

I have never been arrested

I have read someone’s diary or gone through someone’s private belongings without permission. The reason I felt at the time was mistrust. And what did I discover? That he was in fact being honest.

What is my reaction to a partner cheating on me? When I was in past relationships, I found that I wasn’t jealous of the sex he may have had with another. I did feel jealousy in situations of emotional infidelity. In future relationships I will ask is that my partner be honest with me about the tryst

I have cheated on my first two partners, but not with my third partner

A time I hurt someone emotionally was recently when I didn’t communicate with Trish for more than one month

I owe someone money; I am unable to afford the co pays associated with my CIGNA Medicare

All About Me ~ Part IV: God and the World

I believe in a god or higher power, which I refer to as Mother Universe

I describe Mother Universe as all loving and all forgiving

I was raised between two religions, Lutheran (Missouri Synod) (Father’s side) and Catholicism (Mother’s side)

I do not practice either of these religions, nor do I consider myself to be merely “Christian”

My spirituality is now quite diverse as it embraces teachings from many religions including paganism and Wicca

I recall my first “spiritual moment” to have occurred while on a retreat with the Lutheran Youth League to a congregation member’s cabin in northern Wisconsin

The last time I was in a “house of worship” was about a year ago when I went back to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix, in Paradise Valley

I believe death is a transition between lifetimes

I picture the end of the world as a bright light filled with joy, anticipation, excitement and it will be a completely painless experience

I believe that my higher power, Mother Universe, has spoken to me and the message imparted to me was that I am forgiven and that I am loved

I do not believe that most wars start because of religious conflicts

I believe that life does exist on other planets

I believe that these other life forms have already made contact with us

I do not believe in Adam and Eve

I believe in evolution

I believe in Astrology, Tarot, I ching and the Viking Runes

I read my horoscope and include it as part of my home page. I use my horoscope as a guide toward making decisions in addition to consulting the Runes

I have seen various psychotherapists my entire adult life. This process began treatment for depression, which finally many years later was diagnosed as Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depressive)

The issues I have addressed in my therapy have been depression, low self-esteem, abuse issues and addiction

I believe in reincarnation and believe that we may come back in any form that will continue to help us learn the lessons we come to this big classroom called earth to learn

All About Me ~ Part V: Opinions

I am FOR the right to have an abortion

I am FOR the right to own guns

I am FOR the welfare system

I am AGAINST the death penalty

I am FOR the rights and services for illegal immigrants

I am FOR the legalization of drugs

I am FOR the rights for the GLBT (Gay, Lesbian Bisexual and Transgendered) community

I am FOR the practice of premarital sex

Of these issues, that which concerns me most is the rights of the GLBT community, of which I am part of. Unfortunately, I have donated little time or money to this cause

I believe that the first step toward resolving poverty is to create stimulating jobs that pay a fair wage, making them available to everyone

I believe the first step in resolving racism is for people to leave behind the beliefs that have been handed down by those before us – our ancestors, and to start fresh with a belief that we are all one and are part of an interconnected web of the Universe

The environmental issue that concerns me most is the loss of natural habitats to residential areas. I wish for greater infill and revitalization of the inner city neighborhoods

I believe that a person becomes defined by what she or he does for a living. The result comes from spending so much of our time at our job, or career that it begins to show the expectations we have of our own self

Politically, if you haven’t figured this out already, I am a liberal!

I believe the worst crime against humanity is deceit. And I believe the worst political crime is also deceit

The least punishment for those who molest children should be an aggressive rehabilitation program

The least punishment for those who rape should be life in prison

My opinion of the military: homophobic

My opinion of the draft: not necessary

I considered the question whether I would ever fight in a war, and if so under what conditions. I’d have to be a completely different person who believed in war, and in this lifetime, that isn’t me.

All About Me ~ Part VI: Family

My mother passed away 12 years ago

Three things I liked about my mother: Her youthfulness, her cooking, and her ability to put together wonderful holiday parties

My father is still alive: However, we haven’t been consistent with staying in touch

Three things I like about my father: The letters he wrote to me for a while after I moved to Phoenix, his youthfulness, his knowledge of good restaurants

Of the two questions above: The one related to my mother felt easier to answer

Character or physical traits I inherited from my mother: Her youthfulness, her entrepreneurial drive, her hair and skin, her inability to be intimate, her need to be alone

Three things I disliked about my mother: She did not think before speaking which often led to uncomfortable and embarrassing situations, her judgmental attitudes toward people, her abusive behaviors towards, her mother, children, brother, sister-in-law and friends

Three things I dislike about my father: His sarcastic communications, he believes that all of his adult children as failures, deceitful

Of the two questions above: The one related to my father felt easier to answer

Character or physical traits I inherited from my father: His walk, his dishonesty, his interest in sex with multiple partners, his inability to be intimate

When I was a child, my parents: Did not spend enough time with me

The most common issue I argued about with my parents: Was their inability to let their children grow up and live their own lives

My most beautiful childhood memory of your parents: Summertime, living in River Hills, Wisconsin and playing in the garden especially being in the sandbox which was directly beneath the most wonderful apple tree for climbing

My most horrifying child hood memory of my parents: My mom’s beatings from my Dad

If I did not know my parents, I would choose these two people as my mother and father: Virginia and Lem Linnell

If they were available, I would choose these two famous people as m mother and father: Sharon and Ozzy Osborne

I feel that I said, “I love you “enough to my mother during her lifetime

If feel that I said, “I love you” enough to my father as well. I hardly ever said it because I rarely felt it

My mother told me often and in many ways that she loved me

My father never showed his love or told us enough

My mother often said, “You’re fat” or “You’re awfully chubby”

My father often said, “You’re wrong” or “You’re lying”

Of my parents, I resemble my mother most

Something my parents did that I have never forgotten: Never took us on the vacations they built up our excitement and enthusiasm for. To my father it was a joke and he would laugh at us for again falling for his ploy of tricking us into believing him that we were going on a summer vacation

What would it take me to forgive my parents? Greater maturity

If I had to imagine my mother as an animal, it would be a dog

If I had to imagine my father as an animal, it would be a wolverine

My siblings and I share the inability to be intimate in our relationships

A trait that I have never shared with my siblings is their dependence upon my parents (now just my father) for getting by with everyday living

My favorite relative is my Uncle Ed (my mother’s brother) Why? Because I see him as real and authentic

My least favorite relative is my Aunt Beverly

Why? Because she sexually abused me as a child, manipulated me and treated me like shit. She is a bitch to our entire family

If I were not related to my family members, I would still choose these three people to be my family:

1. Michael

2. Scott

3. Amy

If I had to imagine my siblings as animals, they would be:

Michael – Rottweiler

Christine – Cat

Scott – Koala

Something you wish for your mother: That she is happy in her transition to eternity and that my Cocker Spaniel, Coco who preceded her in death keeps her company

Something I would wish for my father: That he would accept his children for whom and what they are, love them unconditionally, and hold his opinions to himself

All About Me ~ Part VII: Friends

The three most important traits I look for in a friend: Honesty, that they are a little further along in their “life station” than me, and that they are creative

A friend I have known for the longest amount of time is: Trish Ventura, who lives in Tucson, AZ

The friend I miss most in my life is Reb

A friend who makes me laugh often is Scott

Two friends to whom I can tell anything are Trish and Scott

Two friends I can go to for advice are Trish and Scott

The best piece of advice they have given me is to be more cautious with who I allow into my close inner circle

A friend I can have adventures with is Vicky

A friend I can flirt with is Scott

A friend I should not flirt with as much as I do is Kevin

A friend I would like to kiss is Kevin

A friend I should not have kissed is Reb

A friend I don’t take seriously is Reb

A friend I may lose soon is Vicky

A friend that I lost for a reason other than death is Joel

A friend who does or believes in something I cannot respect is Reb

A friend with whom I would like to be closer is Noe

A friend to whom I should never have loaned money to is Dwight; he never had any intent to pay it back

A friend who has betrayed me is: Teri

A friend who has done something horrible but whom I have forgiven is Paco

A friend I need to forgive is Robert

A friend I would consider to be the godparent of my child is Trish

A friend to whom I have something to say but have not yet had the courage is Reb

My two closest friends are Trish and Scott

One trait I admire in each of them is Trish’s kindness and Scott’s creativity

One trait that I wish they could change is Trish’s need to keep track of the frequency of real phone conversations and Scott’s punctuality when we have something planned

An animal that best describes each of my closest friends is a lion (Trish) and an Owl (Scott)

Parents as friends: My mother was at times during her lifetime considered to be a friend; my father never

My best friend as a child was Trish

My worst enemy as a child was John L

My worst enemy as a teenager was: Gordy Z

My best friend as an adult is Trish

My worst enemy as an adult is Robert

If I could, I would banish my worst enemies to: Volunteer in nursing homes, or animal shelters

I am the type that is likely to: Forgive an enemy, but find it more difficult to forgive myself

A friend who is most like me is: Gary. We have several common interests and rationalize through challenges similarly

The friend who is most unlike me is James. His issues with his personal honesty frustrate me

The friend who uses up most of my energy is Vicky

A friend I will see in hell is Teri

A friend I will see in heaven is Trish

All About Me ~ Part VIII: Ego

I feel my three best qualities are my ability to draw people out (people get comfortable telling me things), on a good day, I’m charismatic, and on most any day, I’m caring

My three worst qualities are: dishonesty (I struggle with this one most days), exaggeration and I perpetuate my low self-esteem. I wish to change all three of these

The words that I feel others would use to describe me are, intelligent, charismatic, unique, special, quite ill

These are the words I would use to describe my ideal self, honest, charismatic and creative

Three things for which I am often complemented are, my cooking, my wardrobe and my personality (of the three, personality is the most important to me)

I received a special compliment once that made me blush. It was from an elderly woman behind me in the checkout line and she said that I have nice skin

An insult that made me burn was each time a family member called me chubby. I would become defensive, explaining I hadn’t gained any weight and outlined a physical fitness program. And if none of that worked, I’d just blame it on the sweater I was wearing

I am far better than most people know at digital photography and editing

The animal that best describes me is a butterfly

I am embarrassed when others talk loud in public areas

I am embarrassed when I experience gas and the associated noises coming from my stomach in a quiet room filled with people

Others are embarrassed when I am sarcastic to them in public

The greatest amount of physical pain I have ever endured was the chest pain I experienced when I nearly died last year from a MRSA infection of my bloodstream and heart

The greatest amounts of emotional pain I have ever endured came from the break up and end of the relationship with Joel

My proudest moment was when Firstar became one of the clients of my business. Scott Mutcher shared that moment with me

The moment I am most ashamed of was Joel discovering that I had taken over $25,000 from our personal accounts without his knowledge, to buy drugs

When I discuss my past careers with others I tend to exaggerate

When I discuss my love life with others I also tend to exaggerate

When telling stories or relaying details of an event I again, tend to exaggerate

If I didn’t have commitments to others, I would move to Paris, France

My best physical feature is my butt

I have never considered plastic surgery and don’t see it happening in the future

At my best, I am most like Oprah

At my worst I am most like Dr. Laura

If I could create my newspaper headline, it would read, “Extra Extra! Mark Schmitz gives up dishonesty”

My most excellent selfless act was bringing Mom and Dad out here to Phoenix at my expense, for vacation

All About Me ~ Part IX: The Things I Like

For this exercise, I spontaneously listed anything that came to my mind:

Word search puzzles, reading, hiking, decorating a house, planning and cooking a meal, laying in the sun, eating outdoors, grilling food, looking at a blue sky, smell wood burning, caring for plants, parrots, cats, dogs, reading, sex, sex with other men, going to the Chute, being alone, flea markets, antique shops, art galleries, having my picture taken, being naked, spaghetti, lasagna, reminiscing, conversations, psychoanalyzing, snuggling with Punky on the top of my pillow at night, Dexter packing in behind my knees at night, all the artwork hanging on my walls in my apartment, my 1961 Aluminum Christmas Tree, and all the 1950’s 60’s ornaments, my bluebird and butterfly dishes, my Noritake fine china, all of my crystal, my computer, yahoo, manhunt, Craigslist, Adam4Adam, fresh clean sheets, my patio, an organized closet, getting the newspaper every day, making new acquaintances and exploring the possibility of friendship, lamb chops, chandeliers, furniture, IKEA, our new fish tank, Wednesday night dinners with Christine, Chinese Food, Moo Shu Pork, Dim Sum, Blogging, Journaling, silver and gold, my haircut, my body, my 360 page, MySpace, music, collecting digital images, hamburgers, Arby’s roast beef sandwiches with both the horsey sauce and the red sauce, Pugzies Restaurant, Linda’s on Osborn (restaurant), Instant Messaging, All of the furnishings in our living room, Descoware in the flame color, vintage Tupperware, vintage Princess House, Crystal D’Arques, painted or stained concrete floors, reading books of a spiritual nature, silverware, religious icons from any religion, icons from the practice of Wicca, Stars, Sketches of male nudes and busts (head and shoulders only), Music – Electronica, Trance, Techno, Industrial, New Age, Classical, some Country & Western.

All About Me ~ Part X: Dislikes

Ants, bees and fleas. Cold Weather, Snow. Gas pain. Bad breath. Dry skin. Water that tastes bad. Animal abuse, being judged before becoming known. Messy, disorganized or dirty house. Unmade bed. Cheap linens. Cheap scratchy towels. Dry, dormant grass. People who are too shy or afraid to approach me, my fear of initiating conversations with certain people. Headaches, hangovers, Nervousness. Straight porn, naked women. Rap music. Tweaker projects. Laziness in myself and others. Animals that aren’t cared for properly, trained or treated with respect. Compulsive and /or Impulsive behavior. Conditional love. My father’s “sense of humor” better known as mean sarcasm. My father’s constant feeling that his children are all failures. Not enough checkout lines open at the grocery store or stores such as Wal-Mart and Target. Deceptive people. Thieves. Shallow and inauthentic people. Bible thumpers. Those that commit hate crimes. Road construction. Running out of toilet paper. Oranges. I can’t stand even the thought of eating a whole orange. I’ll drink the juice but that’s it! Dogs that are outside and not kept on a leash. Friends that ask for a loan and then never repay it. MRSA. DVD’s that are dirty and freeze up when played. Cheap DVD players that seem to play no version or format! Not having a laundry in our apartment. I dislike using a Laundromat or the laundry rooms here. Not having our own car. Not having cell phones. Not dealing with my bankruptcy. My procrastination. Cleaning up the kitchen, Manipulative people. George Bush, our president. That the US got involved in a civil war in Iraq, with no real exit strategy. Racism. Homophobia. The foster care system in Arizona. People who don’t pick up their dog’s waste, leaving it for others to step in. Cold showers. People who hate the French even though they’ve never been to France and have had few meetings with people from France. Walking past open, stinking garbage dumpsters.

All About Me ~ Part XII: Yes or No

I keep a diary

I love to cook

I do not exercise regularly

I do not sketch while on the phone

I have read a book within the past month

I have visited the Eiffel Tower

I have a secret that I have never shared with anyone

When I had a car, I waited until the last-minute to get gas

I do not snore

I have been to my ancestor’s homeland (Germany)

I read in the bathroom

Being sick is NOT a vacation

I often have people over at my house

I like America, but would rather live in France

I cannot remember jokes

I do not play cards

I fold my underwear

I do not talk in my sleep

I do not eat fast

I do not recycle small batteries

I often avoid trying to pay full price

I like hiking

I do not like being on the phone

I shave regularly

I wear a watch nearly every day

The alarm clock in my bedroom is set a few minutes ahead

I am not always late. Occasionally, but not always

I do not often get headaches

I smoke at least one pack of cigarettes per day

A naked photo of me exists, in fact many of them

I can whistle. Seems to be a Schubert trait. You should hear my sister Christine whistle

I do not write letters regularly and am bad with keeping up on replies to emails

I believe in destiny

I brush my teeth more than three times per day

I have nothing to confess, as I do not believe in confessing to anyone but to ourselves

I change my bed sheets weekly

I do not bite my fingernails

I pick my nose, and especially like to get rid of those nose hairs

I am not a vegetarian, but had been for about fifteen years

I have eaten in many restaurants alone and enjoy it

I have gone to a movie alone and felt no awkwardness

I have taken a vacation alone

I do not read the newspaper every day but only on Wednesdays and Sundays

I have not used a hairdryer in more than five years

I use a computer every day

I have never had sex while traveling on an airplane

I have hit both my father and mother in anger

When I think I have done something wrong, I am quick to apologize

I lose control in heated arguments

In the morning, when the alarm sounds I immediately get out of bed

I did not drink mother’s milk; rather I was fed goat’s milk due to an allergy to cow’s milk

I generally save every letter or postcard I receive

I love parties!

I have not stolen money from my parents

I have fired a gun

I do not often have the last word

Less is more. I am only now beginning to learn that lesson

I give money to homeless people

Money has influenced my character. By having no money worries and now having many money and financial concerns. I barely make ends meet some months

I know who I am. I’m not always pleased with who I see. But I remind myself that I am a work in progress

I enjoy being photographed

Life does not treat me well, but I have not treated life well either. You get back what you put out, and I am changing that

All About Me ~ Part XIII: Top Three

Three inventions I consider to be ingenious: MP3 Players, Computers, Cell phones

My three favorite childhood toys or games: Magic Set, Etch-A-Sketch, Puppets

Three words I use often when speaking: Phenomenal, Cool, Love

Three sounds that disturb me: Snoring, Squeaking, Loud music played on cheap car stereos

Three lessons I have learned the hard way: Being honest, taking too big of a risk, promises I couldn’t keep

Three things I would never do: Kill a person or animal, have sex with a woman, hurt a child, physically or emotionally

Three charities or people to whom I would give money: Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS, Agape Network, Joshua Tree Feeding Program

Three things that I would not allow my children to do: Lie, steal; disrespect those that may be different from themselves

Three things I have done in my life that I regret: Lied, tried Crystal Meth and that’s all it took to get hooked, did poorly in high school

Three things for which I am thankful: My relationship with Trish, the opportunity to have a long friendship with Scott , two wonderful companions, Punky and Dexter

All About Me ~ Part XIV: Wishes and Dreams

I dream that I will find an intimate, committed relationship with a partner and that I can know real love; both giving and receiving. I dream that I will be able to have ample financial means to live an abundant life. I dream that my health will give me enough time to be able to realize the dreams that I have for a full life with a partner

If I had the talent or the opportunity I would learn to play the organ professionally

Something I could learn with the snap of my fingers: to manage my money and finances

Something I wish I could change about my life: that I would have been able to remain faithful and supportive to Joel, and not have become addicted to Crystal Meth. To have had the honest relationship he so desired with me

Something I wish that I could change about myself: That I would be HIV –, and NOT in full-blown AIDS, with a long lifetime ahead of me

I often wish I had been born into a different race (African-American)

I often wish I had been born into a different religion!

I have never wished to have been born the opposite sex

Someone’s diary I would love to read would be Joel’s

The three qualities my ideal man should have are 1) Honesty 2) Comfortable with himself 3) Be a protector

The three qualities my ideal friendship should have are: Honesty 2) Non judgmental 3) Adventurous

I had wished I would retire at the age of 70, but that is just a dream, as it is unlikely for me to live that long, and I am now already on disability

I plan to spend the last years of my life being loved by my partner and loving him in return

I wish to spend the last minutes of my life with Trish, Kevin and Scott by my side, being held by them not in a hospital or institution, but at home, with candles

For my last dinner, I will invite these five people, Trish, Robert, Scott, Mary and my sister.

The menu for this meal would be Red Pepper humus and Pita chips as an appetizer, Spaghetti, garlic bread and a salad with Italian dressing, and Banana Cream Pie for Dessert

At my funeral, I wish for people to remember me as a fun-loving, caring and charismatic person

Someone who should not, under any circumstances speak at my funeral: My father

Someone I would like to speak at my funeral: Trish, Kevin and Scott

A dream I have had more than once is of being chased in a parking structure or I am lost and trying to find my car in a parking structure

Something I dreamed of and later it came true: that I would meet my “fantasy man”

  1. What an incredible comprehensive statement about yourself, Mark! And you would say you were not self aware?? I would say at a large level, you actually are! How long has it been since you have read this?

    Anyway, good observations and posts.

    Hugs and Kisses,


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