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You Are In Integrity

“You are in integrity when the life you live is an authentic expression of who you are.” — Alan Cohen


Circle Jerk ~ Digital Photography


Circle Jerk Porn Registered & Protected

When You Find it Difficult to Find the Words

My first attempt at blogging began in 2005 on what was then Yahoo’s “360” page; Yahoo’s attempt at developing an option to MySpace.  I wasn’t sure at first what I’d write about.  I considered the process of blogging as similar to the process of my daily journal entries I make (written as though no one will read my entries but me); blogging is written with the understanding that the entire world has access to read.  My awkward attempts began with simple posts that included personal information I felt someone could relate to or may find interesting.

I soon realized that people reading my blogs were hungry for more blogs specific to crystal meth, spirituality, gay relationships, relationships affected by severe mental illness (SMI) such as  paranoid schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder and narcissistic personality disorder, domestic violence in gay relationships and anything addressing the sharing of experiences along one’s path of personal growth.

I love writing and have made some very good efforts at expanding my writing style, to include short stories for children as well as poetry.  The feedback I receive from readers is always welcome and often acknowledges my painstaking efforts to share with rigorous honesty.

Some days, I can’t seem to connect with any one topic at all, and the words I search for to describe my feelings aren’t there.  I may be tired, depressed, anxious, worried or any other emotion that blocks my ability to write.  Unable to write, I found myself getting lost in my other world of digital art, photography and photo editing. The first time I experienced “writer’s block” I resorted to posting an image I had found which conveyed a message and required nothing more from me. That first image was the one in this blog today.  As I read the words in the image above, I slowly began to relate to them in my own feelings.

If you are a committed blogger like me, give yourself permission to be easy on yourself some days.  Post a picture or image that you feel may share a story with your readers.  It’s OK to take the easier route some days!

Digital Photography – Through The Glory Hole

Glory Hole

Image by groovydudesdude via Flickr

A few years ago, I found a new “hobby” of sorts in digital photography, and the photo editing I realized I could do through various editing programs.  Starting with the most simple of editing programs, I began to turn what seemed an ordinary photos in to something quite – extraordinary. This photo, called “Through The Glory Hole” began as an edit of photo of a television screen.

This is a re-post of this blog/photo.  Interestingly, it is the third most viewed blog on any one of my three web blog sites!

The term “glory hole” originated as a mining expression.  Obviously, the meaning has evolved over the years to one of an adult connotation. Any adult reader who doesn’t know what a glory hole is, click the link.

Digital photograph of an adult gay male in front of a glory hole at an adult men’s club. There appears to be some hot action in the background.




a href=’’ title=’ Registered & Protected’ > Registered & Protected

Vintage, Antique Photos of People With Dogs

I love collecting old, vintage or antique photos of people posing with their canine friends.  Many you will note were studio poses even.  People have always loved to immortalize their favorite pet through photography.  Enjoy.

A Sample of Vintage Pics I Enjoy Collecting

A bit cheesy perhaps, but a good way I thought to share part of my collection of vintage photographs.  I look for antique or vintage photos of male couples, people with their dogs and any other photo with some unique interest.  Enjoy.

Creative Outlet VIII – Digital Photography – Erotic Art

Adult (18 years of age +)

If you are not over the age of 18 please exit this blog now, Thank you.

Big Blue

Wrestle for Top

Creative Outlet VII – Digital Photography – Simple Things

For my birthday, my partner gave me a Canon Powershot A580 (8.0 mega pixels) to replace my old Sony Cybershot (3.2 mega pixels).  My new Powershot is easy to use with its presets, but I love spending my time in the “manual” mode where I have the freedom to experiment.  Following are some simple images taken around the house while I was getting to know my wonderful gift:


Work out

Beach Ball

What A Yolk

My Creative Outlet – Digital Photography IV – Images of Jesus

These images are photos of two religious themed art.  The one above is actually a hologram of the crucifixtion.  The image below is a photo of a vintage print and I chose to capture just the face, especially the eyes of Jesus. Both photos have been edited with a simple photo editing program.

My Creative Outlet: Digital Photography III

May Peace Be Found