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Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market’s Asian Noodle Salad Box Mix is Incredible at $1.88! Serves 7!

Asian Noodle

I love cold pasta dishes during our hot summers here in Arizona, and I especially love the flavors of Asian style salads. Now, I am not usually the type to post a review of a product, or to recommend one publicly in a post such as this. But this product has impressed me for its quality ingredients, taste, ease of prep, abundance and value that I felt it would perhaps he helpful for others to know about it.

The other day, while shopping at my local Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, I found at the very back of the store, a display of three box pasta dishes. The Asian Noodle Salad, Alfredo Pasta and Cream Tomato Sauce Penne Pasta. Each was priced at $1.88. I purchased all three however I’ve only tried the Asian Noodle Salad to date. So why am I so crazy for it? Well, as I’ve already begun to tell you, inside the sturdy, well sealed box are an abundance of ingredients, all of the highest quality. The buckwheat soba was banded in three packs, there was a packet of sauce mix, a packet of seasonings and dried vegetables (shitake mushrooms, edamame, green onions, toasted sesame seeds and more), and finally a very generous packet of a delicious tasting sesame oil. Prep time was less than 30 minutes and the directions on the side of the box were very clear. The only thing required to add was water for boiling the soba noodles and water to make the sauce. Once prepared, and all ingredients combined, I chilled the salad as recommended in the directions for thirty minutes. The result was a huge salad, definitely able to serve 7 or more, that was delicious and fragrant and beautiful to look at.

As I think about it now, when I make a similar salad from scratch, I would be hard pressed to purchase the ingredients for $1.88! Well there’s my personal product review. Try it for yourself!


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