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You Are In Integrity

“You are in integrity when the life you live is an authentic expression of who you are.” — Alan Cohen


Circle Jerk ~ Digital Photography


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Every Child is an Artist


But There’s a Problem:

How to Remain an Artist When They Grow Up!


I’ve had occasion to know many aspiring and successful artists. Even as an adult I still make attempts to express my creativity in many ways; things as simple as paint-by-numbers, to editing digital photographs.  To be an artist is to be turned in to and turned toward the new, saying “Yes” to life in all its diversity and richness.  Healthy children face life with openness and create a world of beauty and delight.

We are still children if we dare to welcome the creative force within us and relate it back to the spontaneity and newness of our childhood.  There may be shadows and even darkness to overcome, but if we are brave we can rediscover that childlike energy and freshness.

Picasso went on creating for over ninety years.  He kept the child alive in himself for our delight.  Even if we do not have his talent, we can be inspired by his example – to bring to life the creative child in us again.

I’m glad to be getting in touch with the creative child who is still alive within me!

Delight in Knowledge, Explore, Persevere and Stumble Upon Wisdom



“”A poet begins in delight and ends in wisdom.”  —  Robert Frost


Artists deepen our sense of wonder because they have retained the ability to see life with a delighted eye.  They know that nothing is too particular or minute to take pleasure in if we give ourselves time to pause and look.  The world is infinite in its variety and beauty.

If we find ourselves, for whatever reason, seeing life with a vision or blinder, we are then unable to relax and open ourselves to the new when we are so uptight and bent on our own pleasure.  We are left impoverished.

We can learn, baby-step-by-baby-step, day by day, to slow down and really look at the world around us. We may find ourselves noticing the obvious things that we used to miss. This can lead to sheer delight when we notice that things can be so different, so particular  in their shape, color, meaning and impact.  Delight can turn into knowledge as we explore further; then, if we persevere, we may stumble onto wisdom.

The Power of Art

Mask of Domestic ViolenceThe Mask of Domestic Violence – By Artist, Christopher Eshenbaugh


Thanks to art, instead of seeing one world (our own), we see it multiplied.”  — Marcel Proust


I’ve been looking at the therapeutic nature of art to one’s recovery lately.  In our active addiction, we tended to have a single, narrow view of ourselves and the world we live in.  We thought that everyone was obsessed by using, fantasies and erotic images; we saw others perhaps as mere doubles of ourselves. 

One of the great joys I find in reading is the ability to enter other people’s lives.  We often come to know fictional characters even better than our friends because a novelist can give us the illusion of being all-powerful and all-knowing.  So we get a special “inside view,” and many people in books become familiar and very dear to us.

Reading can take us out of ourselves and expand our views of other people.  We learn that, indeed, “it takes all sorts to make up a community in this world of ours,” and our lives become less isolated through contact with others.  The power of art is to deepen and enrich this perception of ourselves in relationship to the world.  Through reading, watching plays and films, or exploring a painter’s world, we begin

Art is Meant to Disturb

Mask of Mental Illness 2

The Mask of Mental Illness – By Christopher Dale Eshenbaugh

I can see that my new life will be full of the unknown, but that is what can make it exciting and creative.

Many great artists were neglected or even abused during their lifetime because their work was considered too provocative.  Painters like Van Gogh, poets like Blake or Poe, and novelists like James Joyce were pushed out to the margins of society because their vision was too disturbing.

Most of us like a comfortable life, and those of us who are addicted to one high or another may not want to be troubled by new ways of seeing and imagining the world.  Yet, the day comes when our addiction no longer satisfies us and we begin to long for a new vision and version of our lives.  Art can help us in our recovery. 

Art allows us to change our way of looking and living, even if at first the change is disturbing.  Like artists, we can create new images and new patterns for our lives.  At first, it may be painful.  Old, comfortable habits die hard!  But, as we move forward, taking our little baby steps, by baby steps, we come to see that it’s exciting to be on the move and even at the frontier of new, creative endeavors.  Creativity, after all, comes from loving ourselves and others.