Mark’s Space to Share His World

Pure Honesty. Nothing less. It's all about my lessons of life that I'm mastering or struggling with. All of it is here.

I am a work in progress.

I am taking "baby steps" as I go along this path of personal growth.  For the longest time, I scoffed at feedback I'd receive to, "Slow down, take baby steps." I thought it impossible to cover all the ground I hoped to by taking "baby steps".  But I have discovered that I actually am getting further and am on stronger footing by doing so.

We all have issues that we face in our life, and I have my share too.  The way I face my challenges and attempt to learn and grow from them and the new "tools" I find useful to cope is what I wish to blog about and share with people.

My recovery from an addiction to Crystal Methamphetamine and anonymous, promiscuous sex has given me the gift of a greater sense of Spirituality to my life.  I was in a gay relationship for five years with a partner challenged with severe mental illnesses: Bi polar Disorder, Paranoid Schizophrenia, Narcissistic Personality Disorder and ADHD.  I was a victim of domestic violence in that relationship.

I am HIV+ which brings unique issues to life every day, in some way too. I am a Spiritual being having a human experience.

My blogs will be about my path toward personal growth, developing spirituality, gay relationships, and recovery from addiction, mental illness and much more.  My communication through my blogs is indeed my little space to share my world in a completely honest way.

Thank you for being part of my world!






  1. Well, I’ll make this short. ,

  2. For me, the Cyberwar is more about getting the information, to own the enemy if one must. ,

  3. Mark,

    I regret to say I hadn’t read your blog very well. My sister is hooked to meth and it tears my heart apart, it also tears my heart apart to hear 115lbs but I don’t have much of a leg to stand on, I always thought I was better because it was pharmaceutical drugs I was popping. Now life is so distorted, straight or not, I’m confused. I can’t have my little sister messed up on meth though, and it’s been too long, I can’t reach her anymore.

    I stay up at night wondering if I could escape across the country and save her, but how? I can’t. It’s the most pain I know right now, her and the meth. I should be numb I’m on synthetic pills.

    i wish there was something I could do or say, but I know there is not. What I do know is the Mormans and the Freemasons have messed with me big time, and they lead that way of town, underground. Fuck them for hurting my sister!

    I’m sorry. Too much for me right now. I’m sorry. I just want her, me us both back. But it’s the middle…

    Can u explain that?


    Mea Nada M.

  4. I love your site. Keep it up !

  5. Emerlist Davjack: I can be reached via email @ or Thank you for your interest! I apologize for my delay in getting this information to you! Regards,

  6. I was reading my morning meditation with the Robert Frost quote and decided to google it. I came across your site and although I haven’t the time to read it now, I will take a look. I love recovery and I am interested in others that are growing and expanding their minds. It’s about keeping an open mind and listening (for me). I want so much to live not just to exist.


  7. Hi Mark, some time ago I read an entry on your blog, 2007/12/18/about-the-paranoid-personality-disorder-and-you. That entry saved my life. It was like finally solving a puzzle that had dogged me for 19 years. I finally understood what I was dealing with in my (now former) relationship and that it really really wasn’t anything I was doing, nor was there anything I could do to fix it. That revelation was huge and has released me from a terrible prison. I tried to pull the blog up tonight and it is no longer there. Is there any chance that you would be willing to e-mail it to me at the above e-mail address? I would like to keep it for reference.

    Thank you in advance and I really admired the clarity and insight with which you wrote that blog and everything else you write. Keep up the great work and I wish you well.


  8. Emerlist Davjack

    Hello Mark,
    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, in such a generous and open way. I have also taken the Silva course, and it was wonderful. It was by looking up the Silva word in Google that I found your website. You mention in your weblog so many interesting things…..
    I would like to send you a most beautiful piece of music, that you will find very touching, and also a digital illustration which you might enjoy. Do you have an e-mail adress for me to send these to you ?
    I would just like to correspond in some way to your effort and generosity in setting up this weblog, and letting the world enjoy what your thoughts and view of life are.
    Cheers and keep up the good work E.D.

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