Wisdom Comes From Within

Learn From Your Mistakes

Wisdom rises upon the ruins of the folly.” – Thomas Fuller

I have gained knowledge from other people, but I have learned that wisdom comes from within.  We all must live our own lives, profiting from our blunders along the way and learning from our experiences.  Nobody can do these things for us.

Part of living is making mistakes.  Some of us have to keep on making the same mistakes until we suddenly have a discovery (an “Aha!” moment) and meet a new perspective on ourselves and our actions.  I often feel as though I am never going to be ready for the next step – and then suddenly I find myself taking the next step and I realize I have come through.  I think I’m not going to make it; then I make a leap forward.

Nothing needs to be lost or wasted in our lives.  All of our mistakes and idiocy teach us hard lessons if we are attentive and brave.  My craziness has helped me to see more clearly and gain insight into myself and others. From my experience and mistakes I find wisdom and peace.

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About Mark Schmitz

Living in Phoenix, AZ since 1995, originally from Brown Deer, Wisconsin. I'm a Gemini born on May 26, 1961. Single, GWM who is HIV and healthy. Spiritually diverse, I'm just trying to stay on the right path to learn all that I came here to learn. That's what my blogs are about - and total honesty.

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