Daily Archives: September 7, 2010

What’s Your Mood Today?

To Answer, Be Honest With Yourself

“In an honest man there is always something of a child” — Martial —

Why is it that sometimes I can talk about a problem and still not feel better? Usually, that’s a sign to keep talking. As I go through a discovery process about something that’s bothering me, or what my mood may be today, it’s possible that I have left out important information. Or, I might not know how I feel – the words are there, but only on a rational, intellectual level. The hurt, sadness, anger, joy, or resentment is missing.

Maybe I haven’t been able to admit my feelings, even to myself. That can be the hardest part of working through a problem, even harder than being honest with another person. To be comfortable enough with my feelings to always know how I feel is a lifelong process, and one I will never perfect. But I know that the more honest I am with myself, the more accepting I’ll be as well. That’s a gift I can give myself every day.  Today, I’m going to allow my feelings to guide me to be more honest. I no longer have to keep secrets from myself, or others.