Interpreting The Runes ~ Th – Thorn – Thurisaz

Thurisaz ~ Th ~ Thorn ~ Giant ~ Thursday

Thurisa, Th, Thorn, Giant, Thursday

Thurisa, Th, Thorn, Giant, Thursday

The word “Thorn” evokes thoughts of sharpness and pain doesn’t it?  This rune can equally be regarded as a protective shield or a warning.  In this sense, the exact interpretation of this rune depends on the surrounding ones that may have been cast.  The symbol of this rune somewhat resembles a hammer.  In ancient Norse mythology, the protective god Thor carried a hammer with him called Miollner and it was common for the ancient Germans to wear a small hammer around their neck to invoke Thor’s protective powers.

This rune can denote great strength and good fortune if the surrounding runes on the field, if any, are helpful and possible delay if not so helpful.  On one hand, this rune can indicate a warning that the present moment holds great danger for the subject of the reading and that considerable care must be taken.  On the other hand, this rune may reveal a warning that the subject has become overly confident in their own capabilities and is on their way to be brought to their knees.

There is a strong element of luck associated with Thurisaz and may present this trait in varied ways.  The old saying about being “a thorn in my side” can be understood to indicate irritation, however when considered in the context of this rune Thurisaz, represents the thorn as the obstacle that once overcome, allows for inner personal growth to occur.  This rune also represents a test of sorts, because progress can be made only by “grasping the nettle.”

Thurisaz Reversed

When this rune is drawn in the reversed position, it indicates that the subject of the reading is facing a difficult situation and it is unlikely to make the situation good. It represents a stubbornness that makes the situation far worse and complicated: all advice is painstakingly ignored and any helping hand that has been extended, ignored.  Alternatively, this rune may reveal that luck has in some way evaded the subject of the reading; perhaps more a commentary on one’s inner strength than on the situation itself.  The subject for the reading may have a weakness and lack of dynamic will which allows matter to become way out of control.


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